Teach4DH Call for Papers

We welcome submissions of long and short papers, posters, and demonstrations relating to any aspect of teaching NLP in DH classes, including:

  • Didactic units / concepts / tools for employing NLP in teaching "on stage"
    • Dealing, e.g., with data handling (encoding, transcription, mark-up), regular expressions, string manipulations, meta-data, annotations
    • Introducing NLP tools such as tools for search, text mining, annotation, machine learning, visualization
  • Challenges in teaching for a non-CL audience
    • Dealing with different levels of students' computational background
    • From a technical perspective
  • Exploiting NLP tools "behind the scenes" for creating didactic DH material
  • Curricular considerations in developing standards for DH programs
    • Relevant NLP resources and NLP methods
    • NLP recommendations for a general DH certificate

Submissions should report original and unpublished research, overviews of existing approaches, or empirically supported position statements on topics of interest to the workshop. Accepted papers are expected to be presented at the workshop and will be published in the workshop proceedings. They should emphasize completed results rather than work in progress and should indicate clearly the state of completion of the reported results.